Le disjoncteur LifeGRID 420 kV sans SF6 dévoilé à CIGRE 2022

Le disjoncteur LifeGRID pour les postes 420 kV isolés dans le gaz, sans SF6, sur le stand GE à CIGRE 2022

Le disjoncteur LifeGRID pour les postes 420 kV isolés dans le gaz, sans SF6, sur le stand GE à CIGRE 2022

CIGRE 2022 in Paris was truly THE place to be at the end of August for our LifeGRID team of experts. After 4 years, it was finally possible to attend in person the conference. CIGRE is THE conference in our Transmission and Distribution industry. And we were there, in so many ways.

Our experts submitted many papers on our g3 technology and our LifeGRID project to the CIGRE committee. GE’s experts contributed in almost all working groups showing their counterparts from other companies that GE is a key player in the industry and an influencer in many T&D fields. For A3 technical committee (covering T&D equipment, i.e. high voltage switchgear) the hottest topic was definitely SF6 alternatives. The topic had definitely the largest number of papers and also 280+ people in the audience. Also, other hot topics seemed to be offshore wind and HV DC, especially in Europe. It’s worth to be said here as we now have a new LIFE Project co-funded by the EU Commission’s LIFE Programme: the development of a 245 kV gas-insulated substation (GIS) dedicated to the offshore wind platforms.

On the booth, a privileged position just behind the reception desk was given to our g3 technology and our LifeGRID 420 kV g3 GIS interrupter. The booth was well visited with many hundreds of visitors from 71 countries.

In parallel, in the hospitality suite, we held a very well attended technical seminar:
Le thème : Accélérer la décarbonation des réseaux grâce aux équipements de coupure électrique au gaz g3 jusqu’à 420 kV.

A second seminar specifically dedicated to our LifeGRID project was organized offsite to focus on the 420 kV – 63 kA g3 GIS circuit breaker that has been developed and to give an advanced taste of our future 420 kV g3 GIS bay that we will launch at the beginning of 2023.

CIGRE 2022 in a nutshell: +300 exhibitors, 3600 delegates, 9600 visitors from 96 countries, as many as in 2018.


Disjoncteur 420 kV LifeGRID au gaz g3 à CIGRE 2022