The EU Commission just selected our LifeGRID Project to showcase its industrial and environmental strategy during its EU Industry Days 2021


EU Industry Days is Europe’s flagship annual event on industry. It serves as the main platform to discuss industrial challenges and co-develop opportunities and policy responses in an inclusive dialogue with a wide range of partners.

It also helps to ensure that EU policies at European, national, regional, and local levels work together to enable European industry to deliver jobs, growth and innovation in Europe.

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Meet our g3 Experts

The LifeGRID project is about the development of the first SF6-free high voltage circuit breaker for electrical gas-insulated substations at 420 kilovolts (kV), using GE’s g3 gas instead of SF6. The European LIFE programme recognises the potential of GE’s Green Gas for Grid (g3) project to help significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. GE Grid Solutions thus receives funding from the European Commission as part of its climate action programme.

We are extremely proud that the EU Commission selected us together with 39 other companies to participate in their virtual exhibition. During this exhibition where we showcase our LifeGRID project, you will have the possibility to exchange directly with our experts about GE’s Green Gas for Grid, g3, and understand why GE’s LifeGRID project is so determinant in resolving the SF6 problematic in the power transmission and distribution industry. Register and book a time slot with our experts during this event.

Yannick Kieffel             

Materials and Eco-design Team Leader
at GE’s Grid Solutions 

Quentin Rognard

Engineer, Electrical Design

at GE’s Grid Solutions

Cyril Grégoire

 g3 Circuit-Breaker Research Group 

Leader at GE’s Grid Solutions 

Bertrand Portal

 g³ Product Manager

 at GE’s Grid Solutions